About Message in a Bottle

Climate Change Message in a Bottle was founded in 2021 and brought messages from young islanders around Scotland and the world to COP26. You can explore these in the film and interactive map.

This year, in line with Scotland’s Year of Stories, Climate Change Message in a Bottle is collecting stories and artwork from island schools in Scotland, representing their hopes and wishes for a carbon neutral, climate friendly future. In addition, Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance (SCELG) are welcoming two illustrators to the project, Hannah Riordan and Melanie Grandidge, who will be producing a zine based on the children’s stories, to be distributed around the islands in April 2022.

Climate Change Message in a Bottle is excited to announce that one piece of artwork submitted by a participating young islander will be selected for the front cover of the Scottish Government’s June 2022 Carbon Neutral Islands progress report. This Carbon Neutral Islands progress report will set out the Scottish Government’s plans to support up to six islands in Scotland in their journey to decarbonisation by 2040. Decarbonisation efforts on the six islands will provide learning and good practices that will reverberate across all Scottish islands. Click here to cast your vote for the winning artwork! The competition will run from 1st-21st March 2021.

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Read more about Climate Change Message in a Bottle here.