Isle of Harris-Barbados: Youth Exchange Opportunity

Lucy Parfitt, Digital Engagement Co-ordinator at Youth Scotland

World map with a blue arrow pointing between the island of Barbados and the Isle  of Harris, Scotland.
Connecting the island of Barbados and the Isle of Harris, Scotland

The University of St Andrews in collaboration with the West Harris Trust is looking for six young people from the Isle of Harris, aged 16 – 25 years, who are interested in heritage and climate change, as well as finding solutions to the challenges that island communities face to become “Youth Ambassadors. This comes as part of a bigger project, Shared Island Stories Between Scotland and the Caribbean: Past, Present, Future.

By getting involved in this programme, the young people from Harris will take part in a series of monthly workshops starting in January. Each workshop will focus on community heritage and the effects of climate change on island communities, as well as consider the similarities and differences in the landscape, food and other cultural influences between Scotland and the Caribbean. Workshops will seek to empower the young people involved to build self-confidence, social capacities, climate awareness and oral-history skills via using audio, video and drone technology.

At the same time, the Barbados Museum & Historical Society will lead workshops with young people in Barbados based at their museum.

During late summer 2023, the Scottish young people from the Isle of Harris will travel to Barbados to take part in a transnational exchange visit. Offering an opportunity to compare their own community, identity, heritage, and culture with the island nation of Barbados. They will be encouraged to share their workshop experiences to find collective solutions to the challenges of climate change and daily life. In late summer 2024, the Scottish young people will welcome the Barbadian young people to the Isle of Harris and the Outer Hebrides for their transnational exchange visit.

If you’re interested in this opportunity or know someone who could be, contact Naomi Macdonald at to learn more about the project and getting invovled!

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