Take part in Transport Scotland’s ferry consultation…

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Transport Scotland needs your help with their consultation!

They are looking for young islanders aged 16 to 18 to take part in a research study which will help them better understand your current experiences around using your NEC/Young Scots card and paper ferry vouchers for travel.

Over the last ten years, many other national concessionary travel services have moved to a smartcard platform, using the National Entitlement Card. This has led to a significant reduction in fraud and incorrect reimbursements, as well as a reduction in administration labour time.

During the research project, you would be guided through a task-based discussion one to one by a facilitator. They will ask you questions about your experience with paper vouchers and take you through a few tasks, including using the Transport Scotland app to see how it can be used to upload ferry vouchers to your digital NEC card. They will take notes to remember what you told them to gather your thoughts, feelings and actions, to see whether their new process works for you as a client.

The session will last around 30 to 60 minutes. You can take a break at any time and ask any questions and all information you share will be kept private.

When the research is finalised, it will be shared with other people working on Transport Scotland’s project to help them design the new application process and they may tell the public about significant findings.

These research sessions will take place before the 9 December, through an online meeting platform, depending on what you have access to, whether that’s MS Teams, Google Meet or Zoom.

If you’re interested in taking part in this research and having your voice heard, please download the documents below for more information or contact Naomi MacDonald with any questions at Naomi.Macdonald@youthscotland.org.uk