Zoe Cianalas pic maram grass local to isle of lewis up close
Zoe Cianalas pic maram grass local to isle of lewis up close

A short documentary by Zoe, Isle of Lewis

Cianalas by Zoe

Zoe is a visual artist and filmmaker from the Isle of Lewis. Her work reflects her island heritage, where she focuses on the connection between elements, nature and cultural emotions to the music and words of the islanders.

Zoe’s award-winning documentary short, Cianalas, is a showcase and exploration of the island identity and spirit of young musicians from the Isle of Lewis.

Cianalas is something more than just homesickness, cianalas is a longing to get home.

Jane, Cianalas film 2018

The film by Zoe was a piece she had created during her time studying at Edinburgh Napier Uni in 2018 and has been showcased at cultural and artistic events since. It encompasses the theme of Belonging and Identity, alongside the emotions of homesickness and connection.

As young islanders, it may a feeling that is familiar to many of you as you leave the islands or return from a time away. There are countless songs written as odes to the islands and the connection and belonging islanders feel to them. In the islands there is an intertwining relationship between the nature, identity, culture and arts.

This short film is a fantastic glimpse at some of these connections through the lens of other young islanders and artists.

Zoe, ‘Cianalas’ (

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